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Learn how to make garb!

We deeply miss Uncle Rashid who has been teaching the most amazing classes for more than a year and now has to move.  His patterns remain posted here and in recent issues of the Nutshell (links from this page to those patterns are available below). 

If you are interested in making simple garb based on the teachings of Uncle Rashid, please feel free to join us.

Garb workshops will be held every Tuesday from now through August 2, 2005, at the home of Lady Elenora the Tilemaker (for directions, see below)

Click here for pictures from a previous workshop.

Please Bring:

Yourself, garb not required
Fabric, trim, thread, fasteners, etc. for that evening's project
Sewing Machine (optional)
Notepaper/writing implement
Snack and/or Beverage to share
Printouts suggested from here

European Tunics:

European Tunics - three patterns based on three extant garments; best in linen or silk - cotton does not drape quite right but will work.  Patterns by Uncle Rashid

Suba's European Tunic Measurements Page - based on Uncle Rashid's teachings

Egyptian Men's Clothing

Patterns by Uncle Rashid

Based on information in the article "The Clothing of a Fourteenth Century Nubian Bishop" by Elizabeth Grace Crowfoot.  Nubia is up the Nile from (south of) Egypt.

Tunic and Pants of Bishop Timotheos - circa 1375. 

Modern Cutting Layout for Tunic of Bishop Timotheos -   This is a slightly modified version of the Bishop Timotheos tunic adjusted to fit on modern 45"-wide fabric. 

Burnoose Cloak of Bishop Timotheos -

Modern cutting Layout for Burnoose Cloak of Bishop Timotheos - includes measurements. 

Cloaks and Hoods

Patterns by Uncle Rashid

Theory Behind Cloak Design

Gothic Hood

Italian Rennaisance Dress:

Patterns by Uncle Rashid

Garb In Art Worksheet - worksheet for analyzing art for the purposes of creating garb that looks similar to the art

1480's Florentine Women - Inspirational art used as basis for the next several patterns.

Florentine Women Compsite - Additional inspirational art - Composite of Florentine women from different frescos and portraits

Eyelets - How to embroider eyelets for lacing holes.

Gamurra - Construction of the bodice of the Gamurra (underdress worn over the chemise)

Italian Renaissance Chemise - worn under the Gamurra as underwear. 

This was a series of classes that will allowed us to produce new garb for Yule Revel. The planned style was an Italian Renaissance gown as seen in the frescoes of Ghirlandaio, in Florence, 1485.
The same pattern can also be used to produce a Marcele de Montsegur-style gothic fitted dress (can you say bust support?)
The gothic fitted dress can be worn alone, in layers or under the Burgundian style gown, which is quite easy to make.

Mogul Men's Garb:

Clothing from India.  Patterns by Uncle Rashid

Moghul Coat, Moghul Coat variations - This pattern and the two variations found on the second link are derived from my original Persian "mongol" coat pattern which was called that because it seems to have been derived from Central Asian and Mongol influence rather than being purely Persian. Where the moghul part comes in is that is what the Indians called the branch of the Timurid Mongols (descended from Timur, known to westerners as Tamerlane) that conquered large portions of northwestern India in the 16th and 17th centuries. This coat is the standard male garment seen in the illuminations of Moghul art.  The coat is sometimes called a Jama.

Salwar - pants; use linen or cotton

Moghul Women's Garb:

Clothing from India.  Patterns by Uncle Rashid

Moghul Women - Inspirational art used as basis for the following four garments

  • Moghul Kamiz - filmy undergarment worn under the choli; use cotton gauze, filmy silk, extremely light linen, or chiffon in white or pastel

  • Choli - cropped top

  • Easy Choli - cropped top, easier version

  • Salwar - pants; use linen or cotton

  • Choga Worksheet - worksheet to take measurements for the choga pattern below:

  • Choga - outer jacket; use pretty brocades and patterned fabric; use more fabric for drapier fabrics than for stiffer ones.


Home of Lady Elenora the Tilemaker (mka Ellen Leone)
114 Ferguson Avenue
Broomall, PA 19008

Take your best route to 476 (the blue route).
Exit at Route 3 and go West on Route 3 (all the exit numbers have changed recently so I will make no attempt to reference the exit number). Once you have cleared the 476/route3 interchange, take the third right turn (aka the first street after the first light) and turn right onto Ferguson Avenue. (If you pass a Pathmark, you went the wrong direction on route 3.) Leone household is after the stop sign, 6th house on the left.


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