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Thursday March 13, 2008

Present: Lady Suba al-Hadid, Lord Robin Gallowglass. Lady Elenora the Tilemaker, Mistress Shannon Gallowglass, THL Muin Maqq Minain

Meeting came to order at 7:47pm.

Officer’s reports


Most of you have in your hands the ballot for the poll for coming out of incipiency. It has to IN HER HANDS by April 15th. Not Postmarked - IN HER HANDS by April 15th. All votes must be returned even if you are asbstaining and even for children's votes which do not count toward the voting but which DO count towards the response rate. We have the letter from Brigantia certifying that we have a registered name and device. We need that, the poll results, a letter from each of the four officers recommending advancement accompanied by proof of membership, and a similar letter from the Baronial Seneschal, who is working on it. We are moving forward full speed ahead on this.


We have $768.48. Still. The finance committee will most probably approve the expenditure of $10.25 for postage for the polling for incpiency.


Middletown Family Pride Day is May 10th. If we do a market day demo again with crafts and whatnot we should be able to pull together a demo in a month and a half. Go ask people now!! Planning to post as an event announcement to EK website to draw more attendees. The event is free.


We have restarted A&S nights on Thursdays we've had two meetings and we're doing riviting - Muin makes this hopping fun. We are doing cool things. Next Thursday (next week) 1st and 3rd thursdays are A&S nights. We had a new person come and she's hooked. We did riveting riveting and fabulous fibulae, and next we'll be doing vykkingeschmiekkar (wire weaving).

I would like to have an A&S project for the incoming king and queen - they'd like to have gifts to give to other kingdoms. They'd also like to see more of the blue tyger badge for the kingdom. We'd like to have a workshop. Robin is making silicon molds and doing two-part resin casting. If Elenora makes a master out of fimo clay then we can make a mold and turn out several tokens. Muin has been teaching us how to make fibulae which make great cloak clasps from which we can hang the tyger tokens. Elenora will schedule the workshop and notify everyone.

Wood shop will start in spring.

A&S Night is on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of every month from 7pm - 10pm at Lady Elenora's.

Bhakail Garb workshops are still 2nd and 4th Tuesday nights in nearby Clifton Heights. Lots of people attend.

Dance Practice Monday nights. We have space! On April 2st we have a visiting dance master (Justinian), for which we will put out flyers, posters, etc as part of our recruiting plan.

Special committees

Finance Committee

Reviewed the Investiture budget and it is under discussion. We have enough money to buy blue sprues. Finance committe approved expenditure of postage for the polls.

Event Committees

Bhakail Investiture

Is on! Next event meeting is Monday March 31st 7pm-8:30 at Indian Lane. Sign up for the bhakail_investiture yahoogroup to get more information.

Dayboard requests funds about 10 days before the event to buy food. This will be no problem.

Old Business

Donation to EK travel fund by Barony has been suggested to be matched by other groups. Finance committee will examine it. In light of the canton doing investiture and the need to have reserves that this should be tabled until after investiture. Motion robin, Seconded Muin. motion passes unanimously.

Tiphane. - Medieval golf. No news.

New Business

No new business.

Comments for the Good of the Canton

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 10, 2008 at 7:30pm at Middletown Free Library.

Meeting adjourned at 8:39pm Robin motion, Muin second.

as recorded by Lady Suba.


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