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May 12-14, 2006 - Welcome Spring!

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Come join the Incipient Canton of Gleann nam Feòrag Dhuibhe in the Barony of Bhakail as we celebrate Beltane in the medieval fashion once again. A bonfire will be lit Friday evening and again on Saturday. A Baronial court for Their Excellencies Lorcan Dracontius and Scheherazade al-Zahira will be held to honor winners of the various competitions. Dayboard will be offered on Saturday. Merchants are welcome and space is almost unlimited - contact the Merchant-crat William Fitzwater ( or 610-789-8571). Group camping is readily available. Fire pits will be allowed in camps as long as they are attended with fire extinguishers available. Water is available on site for solar shower bags; there are no existing structures for showering. Beltane festivals are traditionally held in a sheep pasture (warning!). Activities include:

- Bhakail/Iron Bog Baronial Champions Challenge Games – Fencing, Armor, Arts & Sciences, Archery – their champions against ours.
- Melee Challenge
- Siege Weapons
- Combat Archery

- Black Squirrel Island – Fencing tournament which is part role-playing game. Non-combatants can play.
- Archery – Black Squirrel tournament and informal shoots
- Thrown Weapons
- Equestrian Activities and classes
- Hounds Coursing and classes
- Bhakail Baronial Brewing Championship
- Brewers’ University
- Arts & Sciences Classes
- Children’s Activities

Site Rules (addendum to the ones listed in the description above):
- Pets must be leashed (and picked up after) and children under 6 must be accompanied at all times.
- Do not throw anything into the bonfire or the pond.
- Please do not feed the animals.


Arasapha Farm:
1833 North Middletown Road
Glen Mills, PA 19342-1907

From Philadelphia (and points North and East)
  From 476 take Route 1 South for about 5 miles. **Immediately after the merge with Baltimore Pike get in the right hand lane, and take the ramp just before the bridge onto Route 352 north (toward Penn State Campus). Go 5 miles. The site will be on the right.

  Take Rt 322 west to the Commodore Barry Bridge. Take I-95 north to Rt 476 north. Get off at the Media/Swarthmore exit and turn left onto Baltimore Pike. Go about 5 miles to the merge with Route 1. Follow directions from ** above.

From Delaware (and points South)
  Take Rt 202 north. ****Take Route 3 East about 3 miles and make a right onto Rt 352 south. Go 2 miles. The site will be on the left.

 Take the PA Turnpike East to the Downningtown exit. Take Rt 100 South. After about 7 miles Route 100 merges into Route 202 South. Go approximately 2 miles farther, then get off at the Route 3 exit and stay right, onto Route 3 east. Follow directions from **** above.

Local Information:

Nearby Restaurants:
Duffers - come out of parking lot and make a right onto Rt 352 travel @ 1/2 mile, on left
Denny's - come out of parking lot make a left, travel @ 4 mile, past the mall & clover leaf (rt1), denny's is just past rt 1 on the right
KFC/Taco Bell/Pizza Hut - Come out of the parking lot make a left, travel @ 3 miles to Route 452, turn right, go across Route 1, food court is on the left just past the light
Friendly's, Red Lobster, Kildare's Pub - Follow directions to Denny's, but turn into the mall, go around to the back of the movie theater, all 3 are there.
Ruby Tuesdays, Peking (Chinese), Chick-fil-a, McDonald's, Panda express, American Cafe - Inside the mall

Grocery Store:
Acme - Follow directions to Denny's, but turn into the mall at the light (first light after route 452). Acme is on the left

Beer distributor:
Mall Beverage - Follow directions to Denny's, but turn into the mall at the light (first light after route 452). Turn left in the mall complex, Mall Beverage will be on the left.

Convenience Store:
Wawa - Rt 1 and Rt 452, follow directions to Carmine's but make a right after the light into the parking lot and follow it around to the front where Wawa is. (there is no access to Wawa from Rt 1 South)
A-Plus Mini-Market - Turn right out of event site and follow 352 for approximately 1 mile; Mini-Mart is on the left.

Nearby Lodging:

McIntosh Inns - MEDIA, PA

At-a-Glance Event Information:

Arasapha Farm
1833 N. Middletown Road (Route 352)
Glen Mills, PA 19342-1907
Show me a Map!

Site Opens: 5 pm Friday May 12, 2006
Site Closes: 3pm Sunday May 14, 2006

Event Fees:

Registration form in Microsoft Word format (print and mail)

Registration form in PDF format (print and mail)

Site Fees:
$13 per adult (18+), $8 per teen (13-17), $8 per child (2-12). Site fees include dayboard on Saturday. Adults w/o proof of membership will be charged an additional $3. Add $2 per adult or teen if registering at the door.
Camping Fees:
$5 per adult (18+), $2 per teen (13-17), $1 per child (2-12).

Hounds Registration Form (mail in form; pay coursing fee on site to the hounds-crat)

Send Reservations to:
Doña (Lady) Damiana Almodóvar de Sevilla
(mka) Joy Rogers Gómez-Farrow
18 West Felton Ave.
Ridley Park, PA 19078
home phone: 610-521-6701 (not after 10 pm)
work fax: 215-898-0488 (use mundane name)

Make Checks Payable to: SCA Inc. - Barony of Bhakail

Contact Information:

Sayida (Lady) Jamilia al-Suba al-Hadid al-Bhakailia
mka Penni Bacheler
571 Mount Alverno Road
Media, PA 19063-5409
610-565-6661 (evenings until 9pm)
610-209-2101 (9am-9pm)

Deputy Autocrat:
Lord Mael Eoin MacEochaidh
mka Michael Broggy (215-866-8929)

MerchantCrat: Lord William Fitzwater

Baronial Challenge:
Baron of Bhakail: His Excellency Master Lorcan Dracontius

Equestrian: Mistress Eleanor fitzPatrick

Hounds Coursing: milady Carol

Archery & Thrown Weapons: Arglwydd Deiniol filius Gwrgwst

Fencing: Don Ian Raven of Tadcaster

Brewers' University: Lord Gavan MacBane

Dayboard: Màistreàs Shannon Gallowglass

Mermaid Inn: Lady Triona MacCasky

Expected Merchants:

Please feel free to visit our merchants' websites which can be reached by clicking their names below. Contact the MerchantCrat: Lord William Fitzwater
for more information about merchanting at Beltane.

Regal Pewter

Wm. & Sheila Iserman,, 610-789-8571,
Fine English and Irish pewter.

Tinkers Damsels

Emily, Serena, and Quintus Bacheler,
Small toys, games, and musical instruments. Craft supplies, candy, and puppets.

THE Mermaid INN
Mermaid Inn: Lady Triona MacCasky

Cheeken! (Chicken a la Triona) and Other Fyne Foods

NorthStar Creations

Chad and Amy Johnson, Nate and Emily Bowman,
Hand crafted jewelery and leather goods. feastgear.

Tim Wills,, 856-905-1126
Maker of Quality Wooden Arrows

Tessa (Terri Garvey),, 609-247-5663
Plunder: trinkets I find on and about those not in a position to use them any longer.

Steve Greenberg,
Birch Bark Boxes and other Treasures

Merchants please contact the MerchantCrat: Lord William Fitzwater
and the to be added to this list and to have contact information posted here. 
Donations to provide prizes or to help defray event costs are appreciated.

Please Bring:

Yourself in Garb.  Contact the Chatelaines for loaner garb if you need some.
   Bhakail (Philadelphia Area) Chatelaine of Gold Key: Lady Judith the Confused
   Gleann na Feorag Dubh (Delaware County Area) Gold Key: Màistreàs Shannon Gallowglass

mka Ann Golian-Weiner
610-361-4496, no calls after 9pm

   Ivyeinrust (University of Pennsylvania area) Chatelaine: THL Baroness Philadelphia Brown
Some loaner garb will be available at the event.

Event Fees (unless you pre-registered),
Camping Gear (optional),
Equipment for activities (optional)

Class fees
Thoughts of the fine things you're going to purchase from the merchants

Schedule for the Event:

This schedule is accurate to the best of our ability. Since unforseen circumstances sometimes cause classes to be added or removed at the last minute, check the schedule at Troll when you arrive to confirm that your favorite class(es) has/have not been changed.

Commons & Kitchen

Archery Range Thrown Weapons Range Heavy List Fencing List Equestrian Field Hounds Field Brewers' University Brewing Competition A&S Classes Children's Activities
Friday May 12th, 2006
5pm Site
8pm Bonfire
9pm Bardic

Saturday May 13th, 2006

9am A&S Display Submissions
& Set Up
Inspect, Authorize, Warm-up, & Open Practice

& Check-In

9:30 How To Run Hounds
10am Baronial
Archery Inspect & Authorize Thrown
Open Range

Rattan Inspect & Authorize

Fencing Inspect & Authorize Hounds Practice Runs Running Brew Competitions Brew
  Beginner Recorder
11am Dayboard Set Up Archery Royal Rounds Intro to SCA Equestrian Games Yeast Convent
Noon Dayboard Baronial Rattan
Black Squirrel Island Fencing

Period vs

Brew Champ
Set Up
  Dog Safety & Petting (Prizes!)
1pm Squirrel Novelty
Baronial Melees & Siege & Combat Archery Equestrian Challenge Course Elizabethan Rules
Hounds Coursing
Intro to Wine
Brew Judging Chain Mail Forms Embroidery for Kids
2pm Baronial
Archery Champs
Vinegar Period Gaming Puppetry
3pm Dayboard Clean Up Archery
Baronial Fencing Champs
Carting Demo & Rides

Houppeland Dragon Slaying (Piñata)
4pm Set up Court Thrown Weapons Novelty Beginner

Children's Quest (Prizes!)

5pm Baronial
7pm Mermaid's Song
Sunday May 14th, 2006
3pm Site

Tourneys and Competitions

The Bhakail / Iron Bog Baronial Champion's Challenge

There will be a challenge between the Baronies of Bhakail and Iron Bog that will consist of the following points:

Rattan Champions - One point for the best three out of five bouts using varying weapons forms.

Fencing Champions - One point based on the Iron Ring rules. Best three out of five.

Archery Champions - One point determined by a "William Tell" shoot.

A&S Champions - Two points. The first to be determined at Beltane via the judging of a finished work. A second work in progress, started for the competition, will judged at Pennsic.

Rattan Melee - Two points. The first for three field melee's and the second for three fifteen minute bridge battles. The fighters from each Barony will be augmented by those fighters present to allow everyone to partake of combat that day.

Total points seven. Their Excellencies are well aware that this might not be decided until August.



Beltane Hounds Meet

Hounds coursing for both new and experienced dogs! Bring shade and water for the dogs. Hounds owners are requested to leash and scoop. Roll call is at 9am for inspection for season and soundness. We hope to start running by 10am--before starting to run there will be a brief class on getting your hound ready to run, wrapping if needed and slipping using a slip lead. We'll run till we run out of hounds or power or Court starts...

We will be running practices thru out the day and mid day there will be an Elizabethan rules course.

This event is a demo AND a training event. Want to run a lure machine? See how to set out a course? Slip a dog? Start a puppy? Cool out a hot dog? Come on out! All breeds welcome!

*********The boring picky stuff *********************************************

PLEASE pick up after your hound!!!!! In order to encourage this, we will have a 'poop raffle' - each 'deposit' made into the trash can will earn the owner a raffle ticket. Winner will be drawn during court (at 5pm). Must be present to win.

Be kind to the secretary--email me a note with the hounds you intend to enter and the level of training they have had. This will make planning the day easier.

Entries are $3 per hound payable at the gate.

Bring shade, water, slip & muzzle if you have them and a way to contain your hound that does not involve locking them loose in a closed car (going to be waaaay to hot for that) or hanging on to a leash all day. Loose hounds are a danger to themselves and those already on the field! You could easily ruin a young dog by having a loose dog trample it or t-bone it ... oh and also pack a sense of humor!

Inspection and Check-In
Hounds will be inspected for being in season and soundness before running.
Start Time: 9am
Length :1/2 hour
Fee: $3 per hound
Marshal In Charge: Carol

How To Run Hounds
Before starting to run there will be a brief class on getting your hound ready to run, wrapping if needed and slipping using a slip lead.
Start Time: 9:30am
Length: 1/2 hour
Fee: None
Instructor: Carol

Hounds Coursing Practice
We will be running practices throughout the day for folks wishing to give their dogs a tryout.
Start Time: 10am
Length: 3 hours
Fee: included in registration fee above
Marshal in Charge: Carol

Elizabethan Rules Coursing
Mid day there will be an Elizabethan rules course. We'll run till we run out of hounds or power or Court starts...
Start Time: 1pm
Length: 2 hours
Fee: included in registration fee about
Marshal in Charge: Carol

Dog Carting Demo and Rides
Dogs were sometimes used to pull carts in medieval times. During this class you'll be familiarized with the history of dog carting and get to see the harness and cart in detail. Short rides in the cart being pulled by the dog(s) will be offered to smaller children with permission from their parents. The instructor reserves the right to refuse rides to individual children without giving a reason.
Start Time: 3pm
Length: 2 hours
Fee: None
Instructor: Catheryne Greene


Beltane Brewing Championship

Brews will be judged in four categories: Beer/Ale, Wine, Mead, and Cordials/Infusions/Other. Period potables not required. Minimum Categories to enter: 1. Maximum Categories to enter: 4. Maximum Items per category per entrant: 2. Kits are accepted. For documentation, recipie with ALL ingredients is required. Entries without recipe attached will not be accepted. All other documentation strongly encouraged. Documentation will count as 10% of total score. Scoring will be as follows: Bouquet: 8 pts, Appearance: 8 pts, Texture: 8 pts, Taste: 8 pts, Finish: 8 pts, Overall Impression: 5 pts, Documentation: 5 pts. A Bhakail Baronial Brewing Champion will be selected from among the entrants independently of the selection for Champion of each brewing category; this means that anyone outside of the Barony are invited to compete freely.

Link to complete rules and judging standards

Brew Submission
Entries for the Beltane Brewing Championship will be accepted during this time. Folks at Troll will be able to direct entrants to the Brewing Championship registration.
Start Time: 10am
Length: 2 hours
Fee: None

Brew Judging
Entries for the Beltane Brewing Championship will be judged during this time.
Start Time: 1pm
Length: 2 hours
Fee: None
Judges: Lord Gavan MacBane

Equestrian Games

Equestrians unfamiliar with SCA are cordially invited to participate. The schedule for Equestrian Activities will be adjusted as necessary to suit the unique composition of the participants and includes plenty of introduction, warm-up, and practice for those new to SCA Equestrian Sports Lunch break will be called based on how horses and riders are doing, most likely during a natural lull.

Equestrian Inspections and Authorizations
Authorizations (brief demonstration of sufficient safety), warm-up, open practice.
Start Time: 9am
Length: 2 hours
Fee: None
Marshal: Mistress Eleanor fitzPatrick

Intro to SCA Equestrian Games
11am to 1pm - introduction to SCA games (we'll run through exactly how each is played)
Start Time: 11am
Length: 2 hours
Fee: None
Marshal: Mistress Eleanor fitzPatrick

Equestrian Challenge Course
Challenge Course (obstacle course combining multiple games)
Start Time: 1pm
Length: 2 hours or until participants tire
Fee: None
Marshal: Mistress Eleanor fitzPatrick

Equestrian Open Course
Continuation of the Challenge Course and/or winding-down activities.
Start Time: 3pm
Length: 2 hours or until participants tire
Fee: None

Marshal: Mistress Eleanor fitzPatrick

Class Listings:

Brewers' University

Running an SCA Brewing Competition
An overview of different competition types, styles and organizational formats, including category management and judging order, analysis and methods.
Start Time: 10am
Length: 1 hour
Fee: None
Instructor: Lord Gavan MacBane

Survey of modern yeast characteristics for optimal fermentation and flavor profile.
Start Time: 11am
Length: 1 hour
Fee: None

Instructor: Lord Gavan MacBane

Period vs Non-Period Cordials
Examination of medieval cordials and how they differ from modern cordials.
Start Time: 12pm
Length: 1 hour
Fee: None
Instructor: Lord Gavan MacBane

Introduction to Winemaking using Juice
Introduction to Winemaking using Juice
Start Time: 1pm
Length 1 hour
Fee: None

Instructor: Lady Sabatina da Valle

Making vinegar
Start Time: 2pm
Length: 1 hour
Fee: None

Instructor: Violet Colson

Arts and Sciences Classes

Convent Stitch
Convent stitch is a form of couching and was most commonly used to embroider large wall hangings in Germany between the years 1250 to 1500. It is a rather easy technique to learn and can be worked quickly. During the class you will learn a brief history about convent stitch and how to do it. We will then be using this technique to embroider needle cases that you will be able to take home and finish. Please bring a small hoop if you have one.
Start Time: 11am
Length: 1 hour
Limit: 8 students.
Fee $ 2 for materials and handout
Instructor: Mistress Cellach ingen Chernaig

Beginning Chain Mail Forms
Come learn how to make basic chain forms which can be used for both jewelery and armor. Chain forms to be covered in class will include box link, byzantine, spiral, and 4-in-1 to name a few. Participants will be able to make samples of each chain form to take home. Class is limited to 10 participants, but auditors are very welcome. Please bring 2 pairs of pliers if you have them.
Start Time: 1pm
Length: 1 hour
Fee: $2 for materials
Instructor: Lord Necthan MacYwar

Period Gaming
Here's a few games suitable for all ages. Games chosen to teach will depend on the gaming experience of the participants. Come learn a new game!
Start Time: 2pm
Length: 1 hour
Fee: None
Instructor: Lord Michael Wolffauer

History, documentation, and practical application of a favorite type of garb.
Start Time: 3pm
Length: 1 hour
Fee: None
Instructor: Uncle Rashid

Beginner Origami
Children will learn easy origami. Any who are intereted may advance to intermediate origami.
Ages: 6-12
Start Time: 4pm
Length: 1 hour
Instructor: Danielle of Gleann nam Feorag Dhuibhe


Children's Activities

At Children's Point there will be craft materials and toys available all day Saturday. Children 6 and under must be accompanied by an adult since this is more of a playgroup (no sitters are available except by private arrangement). Parents will want to be aware that there are also several classes suitable for supervised children in other tracks, so there is a wealth of children's activities from which the children may choose.  Feel free to ask the instructors if your child may participate!

Beginning Recorder
Children will learn some very simple songs to play on a recorder.
Ages: 6-12
Start Time: 10am

Length: 1 hour
Fee: $3 for a recorder, or bring your own.
Instructor: Emma the Clever

May Day Races
Children will compete in several races of competitive and sometimes cooperative natures. Races and relays will include: Rock Tree Bridge, Three-legged races, Egg-and-spoon races and several more.
Ages: 2-12
Start Time: 11am
Length: 1 hour
Fee: None
Instructor: Emma the Clever

Dog Safety Class
Children will be instructed on how to remain safe around unfamiliar dogs. Prizes will be awarded to children who participate.
Ages: 2-12
Start Time: Noon
Length: 1 hour
Fee: None
Instructor: Lady Rachel of Bhakail

Embroidery for Kids
Children as young as age 4 are able to do simple free embroidery. If you're an adult and want to try embroidery in a stress-free environment, this is a class for you.
Ages: 4-99
Start Time: 1pm
Length: 1 hour
Fee: $1 for materials or bring your own hoop and fabric
Instructor: Lady Eleanora the Tilemaker

The man with a long name and many titles whom we know and love under the appellation Fum has agreed to do a hands-on workshop on using hand puppets.
Start Time: 2pm
Length: 1 hour
Instructor: Ritter Baron Karl Aerdigwidder von Zauberberg, OP, ODH, OW, APF. (Baron Sir Fum)

We have documentation for a Piñata! Okay, so ours strays a little from the documentable version made with terra-cotta pottery. We think the urchins will enjoy it anyway.
Ages: 2-12
Start Time: 3pm
Length :1 hour
Class Fee: None
Instructor: Lady Eleanora the Tilemaker

Children's Quest
The children will be sent on a quest. Details are a surprise! Prizes will be awarded during Baronial Court to each child who completes the Quest.
Ages: 2-12
Start Time: 4pm
Length :1 hour
Class Fee: None
Instructor: Lady Suba al-Hadid

Other Festivities

Lighting of the Bonfire
This Beltane event will be inaugerated on Friday night at 8pm with a short procession to the bonfire by the torchbearers.

Bardic Circle
Given a sufficient quantity of dark and a bonfire, a Bardic Circle is bound to occur. It should be dark by 9pm on Friday evening. 


Dayboard Menu:

Mermaid's SongInn Menu:

Sliced raw vegetables
Cheeken (of course)
Italian Sweet Sausage w/ peppers and onions
Buttered Kale
Spiced rice (will provide spices on request)
Apple moys (desert)

There will be coolers with lemonade and iced tea

Price for adults $7, children $5

For questions or to make a reservation for the Mermaid's Song Inn, please contact Mermaid Inn: Lady Triona MacCasky

Volunteers Eagerly Accepted:

Activities marked with an asterisk (*) require volunteers the soonest:

* Setup crew (Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, May 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th),

* Trolls/Gate keepers, contact Doña (Lady) Damiana Almodóvar de Sevilla

Newcomer's Table

Heralds to cry the camp

Teachers for A&S classes



Woad Warriors

* Clean up crew

Thank You

The autocrat and her deputies most heartily thank you all for participating in this event, both as volunteers and as attendees.

Autocrat: Suba, aka Sayidata (Lady) Jamilia al-Bhakailia al-Suba al-Hadid

Deputy Autocrat: Lord William Graham

Reservations and Troll: Doña (Lady) Damiana Almodóvar
Troll: Lady Arlyn Bell
Troll: Woolly
Troll: Lady Sabatina de Valle
Troll: Lady Philadelphia Brown

Newcomers/Information: Lady Philadelphia Brown

MerchantCrat: : Lord William Fitzwater (helped recruit merchants before the event; unable to attend due to mundane family emergency)
Lady Sheila Fitzwater (ditto)

Baronial Challenge: Baron of Bhakail: His Excellency Lorcan Dracontius
Baroness Scheherazade Allouyna al-Zahira
Baron Master Lawrence Thornguard
Baroness Mistress Katherine Barr of Cumberland
Knight-Marshal: Nissim Aven Darmon
Baron Asbjorn
Master Wulfgar and 3 of his guys from House Silverkeep. They helped Eirikr unload and move the rope supports from Iron Bog for the heavy list. They also moved a heavy picnic table on behalf of the autocrat and the waterbearers.
Mistress of Lists: Lady Gisela Szabo

Equestrian: Mistress Eleanor fitzPatrick
Baron Duncan Kerr
Duchess Katherine Stanhope
Lady Kiena Stewart
Lady Doucette de Verdun
Baroness Isabella Ironhands (from Barony of Endless Hills, Kingdom of Aethelmarc)

Hounds Coursing: milady Celebriande (Carol)
Jehan Ridfulcan

Lady Rachel of Bhakail
Catheryne Greene

Flying Things: Arglwydd (Lord) Deiniol ap Gwrgwst
Archery Marshal: Lord Padraig O'Gealagain

Asst Archery Aarshal: Tomaloc
Archery Marshal-InTraining:
Ailill mac Ferchair Ui Diarmata
Lord Marcus Atheniou
Lord Michel Wolffauer
Thrown Weapons Marshals: Lord Calogero Urso
Lady Colleen of Bhakail

Fencing: Don Ian Raven of Tadcaster
Lord Collin Monroe
Katryne Blak
Griffith Davion of the Argent Tyger
Collin Monro of Tadcaster
Berrick Grayveson
Elysabeth "Lissa" Underhill
Lilia de Vaux

Brewers' University & Judges: Lord Gavan MacBane
Lady Sabatina de Valle

Violet Colson
Lady Siobhan inghean ui Dhonnabhain
Baroness Scheherazade Allouyna al-Zahira

Dayboard: Lady Shannon Gallowglass
Lady Alienor
Corwyn (urchin)
Tyler (urchin)

Mermaid Inn: Lady Triona MacCasky
Lord Iain Douglas
Lord Christopher Calhoun
a gentle in a green doublet

Waterbearing: Lady Rhieinwylydd verch Gwasdewi Goch
Lady Shannon Gallowglass
Lord Marcus Atheniou

Siege Weapons: Lady Svanhildr Karlsdottir (Svan)

Combat Archery: Lord Sterling de la Rosa

Chirurgeon in Charge: Lord Robin Gallowglass
Lord Bryan the Archer

Classes: Lady Eleanora the Tilemaker
Lord Michael Wolffauer
Mistress Cellach ingen Chernaig
Master Uncle Rashid
Lord Necthan MacYwar
Emma the Clever
Danielle of the Gleann
Lady Sabine de Kerbriant
Ritter Baron Karl Aerdigwidder von Zauberberg, OP, ODH, OW, APF. (Baron Sir Fum)

Deputy Autocrat of Loose Ends: Lord Marcus Atheniou
Lord Geoffert of the Lone Oak
Lord Mustafa al-Wali

Children's Activities: Lady Eleanora the Tilemaker
Denise, wife of Alisdar
Alisdar the Deaf Piper
Emma the Clever

Bagpiping: Alisdar the Deaf Piper

Folks from Arasapha Farm:
Randy Bates
Anne Bates
Katie Bates
Katie’s sister


A&S Night
Canton Meeting
Dance Practice
Garb Workshops
Thrown Weapons

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